How Relationship Counselling Can Help You

A relationship can be defined as a space of interaction between two people. We each typically have many relationships in our life; some for a lifetime and some for a season. Some of our relationships will be intimate and personal such as those we share with a spouse, partner, parent, child, sibling, other family member or friend. Others will be less intimate, such as the relationships we share with work colleagues, a boss, a sports club member, or a church member. Our relationships can bring great blessing into our lives and also great challenge, distress and conflict.

Sometimes we get to a point in a relationship where we feel that the tension, distress or conflict is so high, that we are out of ideas and in need of some help.

Bethesda Counselling and Family Therapy offers relationship counselling and support for a variety of relational issues and challenges. Narelle Williams, Bethesda’s relationship counsellor in Perth   advises people to search for someone that they feel comfortable with and that they think will work collaboratively with them to help them address the stressors and issues they are experiencing in their relationships.

Narelle offers relationship counselling to both individuals and/or the other persons involved in the relationship. She is also a qualified family therapist and can facilitate numerous family members in session to work through their issues of concerns. She is a skilled mediator, and has had success in facilitating resolution and reconciliation for clients in even the most challenging of relationships. Her aim is to assist you in exploring different ways in managing your differences and tensions, and to become more aware of your recurring patterns of communication so that you are better positioned to make more positive changes to the way you relate and resolve conflicts.

Narelle specializes in marriage counselling and family therapy in Perth within the broader framework of relationship counselling. She brings a wide range of both professional and personal experience to her practice as a counsellor in Perth and is passionate about assisting others in finding meaning, healing, and more pleasing experiences in their lives.

Her counselling and family therapy qualifications are PACFA accredited and she is a member of the Australian Counselling Association, the Christian Counsellors Association of Australia and the Australian Counselling Association College of Supervisors.  She has worked as a Counsellor in a variety of organisations such as Healing Hearts Ministries, Pregnancy Problem House and as a Tutor with the Australian Institute of Family Counselling.

Call Narelle on 0429 000 830 today to enquire about her relationship counselling services in Perth or to book a session.

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