The “5 Crucial Resilience Skills” are presented here with thanks to Eric Gentry of Compassion Unlimited.

  1. Self Regulation (learn to regulate your autonomic nervous system)
    • Pelvic floor relaxation (vagus nerve)
    • Peripheral vision exercise
    • Diaphragmatical breathing
    • Body scanning and softening muscles
    • Compassionate hand exercise
    • Progressive muscle relaxation
    • 5 senses
  2. Intentionality (do you go where you aim yourself or do you get side tracked by the pressures and demands?)
    • Live a principle based life versus a demand driven life
    • Identify your values and principles
    • Craft a mission statement & share (what is your purpose?)
    • Regularly review: Is it important, meaningful, life enhancing?
    • Goal setting, time management, problem solve, have good boundaries
    • Practice commitment techniques
  3. Mature Your Perceptions (this is about your thinking and maturing in the way you see things)
    • You always have a choice
    • Relinquishing outcomes (do your best & leave the rest)
    • Learn and practice acceptance: give your energy & focus to the things within your control & accept , release and pray for everything outside of your control
    • Develop resilience to judgement by others
    • Nurture your spirituality
    • Have a balanced sense of potency Versus your humility
  4. Connection & Support (being accountable & connected with others)
    • Share traumas, disappointments, losses etc with trusted others
    • Empower others to check in with you and/or to confront you
    • Ban secrecy (tell on yourself)
    • Have regular catch ups with accountability partners
    • Talk & share with family & friends
  5. Self-Care (refuelling & revitalising)
    • Aerobic activity 3x/week
    • Healthy diet, regular check-ups with GP
    • Get enough sleep, rest & relaxation
    • Creative activities and hobbies
    • Regular social activities
    • Spiritual practices: solitude, worship, meditation, prayer etc
    • Balance work, play, family, friends
    • Nurture a positive attitude about life