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“Life is not what it’s supposed to be. It is what it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference.”

– Virginia Satir

Counselling Services in Perth

Bethesda Counselling brings you Individual Counselling, Couples and Family Therapy and Life Coaching services for a wide range of issues.

At Bethesda, we understand how painful our humanity can be at times and offer our clients safe, caring and sensitive support with the assurance of complete confidentiality. Counselling is available face to face, by telephone, email or Skype and Christian Couneslling is available upon request.

You Are Not Alone

Life often throws us unexpected curve balls where we can be left feeling alone and confused, facing disappointments, heartaches and fears, distressing losses, relationship wounds and many other challenges. One of the greatest contributors to recovery and the ability to adjust to life’s challenges is to have understanding support. Don’t face your problems alone.

Narelle Williams, Bethesda’s Counsellor and Family Therapist, listens carefully and compassionately to her clients and works alongside them to creatively design a therapy plan to meet their varying needs. She brings a sensitive and respectful approach to her work with individuals, couples and families.

If you are experiencing distress in your relationships, marriage, parenting or family life, or perhaps you are having trouble dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, recovering from past abuse/trauma or facing other personal problems, then please be assured – there is hope for relief and healing. Bethesda offers individual, marriage, family, Christian, post abortion and grief counselling services.

Narelle is also passionate about offering guidance and support to those who are planning to get married. Bethesda’s pre-marital counselling sessions help to equip and prepare couples for the many and varied challenges they may encounter throughout their married life.

Contact Narelle at Bethesda today to find out more about how therapy can support you. With an office in Midland, we are well positioned to support those in the Midland, Ellenbrook, Perth Hills, northern suburbs and eastern country areas.

Take that first step and Bethesda Counselling will help you to explore and make sense of your life, heal, grow, plan and reach your goals.



Family Therapy

Working with the whole family or a few members of the family together, can often initiate healing opportunities that would not otherwise be accessed through individual therapy. Family therapy aims at improving the space between members within a family unit so that each member is better supported and the family itself can function more healthily. At the heart of the family, is relationship and identity.



Marriage Counselling

We take a hope focused approach with our married couples and provide them with a safe space to re-connect, heal and repair. A skilled marriage counsellor can help you to interrupt and replace harmful patterns of communication and thinking with healthier interactions. You will be sensitively supported as you explore new strategies and learn new skills to help repair and strengthen your relationship and family life.



Individual Counselling

Help and support for depression, anxiety, stress, grief, relationship issues, trauma, abuse and neglect, unresolved childhood issues, pregnancy loss and life transitions.



Christian Counselling

Experience the transformative power of Christ centered counselling. With a holistic approach that focuses on the care of your whole person; body, soul and spirit, you will find a safe and spiritually sensitive space for you to explore, heal and grow both individually and in the context of your relationships.  Counselling draws from and utilizes the best professionally recognized and evidence based practices whilst keeping biblical principles as a firm foundation.



Grief Counselling

At Bethesda, you will find someone who understands the world of grief. It is one of the most uncomfortable places to be living in. You will find a safe, caring and dignified space where you can feel and release your pain, explore and process your losses, reach acceptance, find new strengths and meaning in life and learn to adjust so that you can continue to live your life with meaning and purpose.



Post Abortion Counselling

Both men and women often experience intense emotional pain and mental anguish long after their abortion experience(s). Bethesda offers you safe, caring and confidential support and can show you the pathway for healing and peace.



Pre Marital Counselling and Preparation

Marriage is a team sport; you either win together or lose together. Invest some time and energy now so that you can build a strong and healthy marriage into the future.



Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling seeks to assist couples in strengthening and repairing their most intimate relationship so that they can enjoy the more fulfilling and rewarding side to doing life together as partners and companions.



Online Counselling

Safe and flexible counselling solutions are offered via phone, Skype and email sessions. No matter where you are in Australia, you can have access to support from an experienced online counsellor.