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Supervision Services:

Professional supervision is an integral part of our ethical responsibility within our industry; it exists first and fore-mostly for the welfare of the client by providing accountability, support and ongoing professional development for the therapist. It is widely accepted that all counsellors, whether experienced or just starting out, will benefit from having regular professional supervision. A supervisor acts in a mentoring role, providing emotional support as well as information and guidance…

That’s why choosing your supervisor is significant decision in your journey and development as a professional Counsellor. You need to find someone who you feel comfortable with, who you can work collaboratively with and who is competent and has a proven track record in their own counselling career.

Narelle has over five years of professional practice experience and over a decade of lay experience working in both Christian ministry and professional counselling. She has worked in a variety of organisations such as Healing Hearts Ministries, Pregnancy Problem House and as a Tutor with the Australian Institute of Family Counselling. She established her private practice in 2012 and continues to work at the coalface of the counselling profession.

She has Level 8 AQF Post Graduate qualifications in Christian Counselling and Family Therapy, an Advanced Diploma in Counselling & Family Therapy and a Bachelor Degree in Agribusiness. She has completed the Australian Counselling Association’s approved Supervision Training course and is a Level 2 member of ACA and a member of the ACA’s College of Supervisors. Her counselling and family therapy qualifications are PACFA accredited and she is a Clinical member of the Christian Counsellors Association of Australia.

She brings a wide range of professional and life experience to her private practice work as a Counsellor and Family Therapist and professional Supervisor and loves to equip and train others to work compassionately and skilfully with others.

FEES for Professional Supervision:

  • Students: $85/hr
  • Full Graduates: $100/hr

Professional Supervision and what it is and isn’t…

Armstrong (2006) defines professional supervision as “the process whereby a professional can discuss:

  • Personal (where appropriate and impacts on work)
  • professional/clinical
  • business, and
  • industry/work related issues

with a qualified professional supervisor, who is usually more experienced than the supervisee, with a view to resolving professionally orientated issues and with the intention of helping the supervisee to further evolve professionally in a positive manner as well as identifying and emotional issues.”

It is not personal therapy, case management or a performance review.

Professional supervision may identify personal and/or mental health issues that may require therapeutic intervention, in which case, your supervisor will most likely refer you appropriately for help. They should not take steps that would be seen as providing that service themselves.