“Grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss, yet almost everything we learn about dealing with grief is not normal, not natural and not healthy”

– griefrecoverymethod

ONE to ONE Support:

Not everyone knows how to support a grieving person; sometimes they say things with the best of intentions, but their words cut you to the core and leave you feeling angry, alone and isolated. Often you don’t even know yourself what you need or want to hear. This is a normal part of grief; it can be excruciatingly disorientating.

It is also a sad fact that our society has often not taught us well about how to cope with our grief in healthy ways. We are often conditioned and expected to get over our loss with time, to stay strong, grieve alone, keep busy and to not feel sad/bad/mad. We are even encouraged at times (with good intentions) to “replace our loss”. But these beliefs and approaches often leave us feeling isolated, alone, ashamed, disorientated and trapped/stuck. They do not help the pain to soften or our hearts to heal. They are in fact, the 6 Great Myths about grief.

The Grief Recovery Method Program (GRM) addresses these myths. This evidence based program has been used effectively by hundreds of thousands of grievers all over the world for decades to heal, resolve, recover and find meaning in their lives after loss.
As an Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist, Narelle is able to offer you one to one support and care online from the safety and comfort of your own home.

She will gently and compassionately walk you through this evidence based program and show you the way to grieve healthily so that you can find your way through the darkness, explore and process your losses, reach acceptance, heal and re-enter your life with more joy and a lot less suffering.

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“Time does not heal all wounds. Time AND correct actions will lead to emotional recovery. One without the other is not going to do that.

– griefrecoverymethod


Time does not heal all wounds. It is time coupled with correct actions that will lead to emotional healing. As an Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist, Narelle is also able to offer you support and care in a group setting.

Although at first you may think one to one best suits you, many grievers have found a powerful healing dynamic in a group setting that has not been available to them in one to one settings. Groups are deliberately kept small in number (6-8 grievers only) and promote a divine and collective source of wisdom, companionship and healing.

Narelle gently and compassionately creates a safe and dignified space so that you and your fellow pilgrims can travel together and learn how to grieve healthily. You will be guided to find your way through the darkness, explore and process your losses, reach acceptance, heal and re-enter your life with more joy and a lot less suffering.

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grief recovery method The Grief Recovery Method recognises that grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss – whether that loss was caused by a death, the end of a relationship, the loss of your health, career, or one of the over 40 significant life events that invoke experiences of grief.

Often grievers spend years seeking to understand and make sense of their loss, only to discover what their thoughts and feelings are around their loss…..but discovery is not recovery. Discovery without recovery just keeps you stuck in your grief with no way of moving forward with your life other than just grit and perseverance. The Grief Recovery Method offers you something different; it offers you a way forward with a greater capacity for hope, peace, love and joy..

The GRM Program is an evidence based 6 week step by step action plan . It is a series of small steps that when taken in order, by the griever, it leads to the completion of the unresolved business linked to the loss..

From the moment your register for the program with Narelle, you will be given caring and safe support.

You will find a safe and dignified space where you can begin to be heard and gently share your story. You will be supported in learning and taking helpful actions so that you can complete your relationship to the PAIN of the unresolved/undelivered communication that is so often associated with loss/losses (the wishing it could have been different, better, more; the shattered dreams, hopes & plans) You can begin to move forward and not feel so stuck, alone, disorientated, overwhelmed and helpless in your pain.

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“Please note that grief is normal and natural and therefore not a disorder, a phobia, depression nor anxiety”

– griefrecoverymethod