How Couples Counselling Can Help You

Your couple interactions rapidly become ingrained patterns in your relationship. If these patterns are not pleasing to you, then over time, relationship dissatisfaction develops. Bethesda’s couples counselling services can help you to create positive and pleasing interactions so that you can experience greater intimacy, good sex, successful conflict resolution and a happy family life.

Couples Counselling seeks to assist couples in strengthening and repairing their most intimate relationship so that they can enjoy the more fulfilling and rewarding side to doing life together as partners and companions. Narelle Williams is Bethesda Counselling and Family Therapy’s  licensed couples counsellor. She is often sought after for her sensitive and genuine approach to working with couples who are in distress. She seeks to take a careful and in depth assessment of a couple’s issues and creatively design an individualised therapy plan to best meet their needs as a couple.

Many of Narelle’s interventions in couples counselling are focused on repairing and strengthening your relationship. Therapy plans are designed to:

  • Help you solve what is solvable
  • Live more peacefully with the unsolvable
  • Accept and integrate disappointments into life with meaning
  • Facilitate healing of broken hearts, broken promises and broken trust
  • Enhance your friendship and build fondness and admiration into your relationship
  • Dial back the negatives and increase your positive interactions
  • Help you build skills and rituals that build emotional connection
  • Encourage you to fight fairly and respectfully
  • Work as a team
  • Honour your life dreams and find shared meaning

It is highly recommended that both partners attend the sessions, however sometimes one partner is not willing to engage in couples counselling. That is okay. It can still be of great benefit when even one partner is willing to work with a therapist.

Call Narelle on 0429 000 830 today to enquire about her couples counselling services or to book a session.