Narelle Williams is the proprietor of Bethesda Counselling & Family Therapy and works as a Clinical Counsellor, Family Therapist and Trauma and Grief Recovery Therapist. She has over a decade of experience working with those who are emotionally distressed, traumatised and/or suffering from painful past experiences. Her passions involve supporting and sustaining couples and families who are struggling with conflict, despair, affairs, problems with sex and intimacy, disillusionment and/or heartache in their relationships and family unit.

She also has a special interest in walking alongside those who need to find healing and peace after significant life events such as childhood sexual abuse, abortion, grief and loss.

Narelle loves to empower and equip people to live authentic lives to their highest vision in the context of safe and caring relationships. Her colleagues and past clients have appreciated her for her warmth, sensitivity, insight and genuineness.

She has Level 8 AQF Post Graduate qualifications in Counselling and Family Therapy, a Graduate Diploma in Counselling & Family Therapy and a Bachelor Degree in Agribusiness. Her counselling and family therapy qualifications are PACFA accredited and she is a member of the CCAA (Christian Counsellors Association of Australia) and the ACA (Australian Counselling Association) and their College of Supervisors. She has worked as a Counsellor in a variety of organisations such as Healing Hearts Ministries, Pregnancy Problem House and as a Tutor with the AIFC (Australian Institute of Family Counselling). She brings a wide range of professional and life experience to her practice and also offers professional supervision services to other Christian Counsellors.


The name “Bethesda” is synonymous with healing and means “house of mercy, house of grace”. These are the values that Bethesda Counselling and Family Therapy have been founded on.

Services are non judgemental, respectful of dignity and diversity and ethically bound to the Christian Counsellors Association of Australia’s Code of Ethics and the Australian Counselling Association’s Code of Ethics . Each counselling session is uniquely tailored to support clients’ individuality by offering a sensitive combination of talking, art and creative therapies. Christian counselling and prayer is also available upon request.

Bethesda Counselling and Family Therapy was established in 2012 by Narelle. At present, she is the only counsellor and family therapist on staff. Her vision is to see Bethesda grow and be able to provide placements for additional staff in the future whose skills, talents and expertise will add value to the organisation’s ability to impact and enhance lives and relationships.