“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strengths”

– Sigmund Freud

There is a quote that says ‘the moment you feel heard, you begin to heal’ – this has been our experience with Bethesda. Our marriage was in crisis and I was referred to Bethesda by a friend, so as a last resort and with little hope, my husband and I started a process of couples therapy with Narelle. We had been to counselling before with limited success, but what we experienced with Narelle was more than a counselling skill. Narelle has a deep intuitive gift and through her listening, understanding and guidance we have found renewed hope.

As we went on this journey, we were also encouraged by Narelle to commit to some individual sessions. It has been an empowering journey, as we have been supported in looking at our lives from different perspectives and uncovering some of our blind spots. We realised deeper levels of understanding and acceptance of ourselves and each other and through our struggles are experiencing real change and growth from the counselling we have received at Bethesda.

Entrusting your story with a stranger is risky, but Narelle has held our life stories with dignity and respect showing sensitivity and empathy and soon the stranger becomes a trusted ally The journey has had its uncomfortable moments as we were faced with realities but counselling has helped to open our eyes to see things in perspective and realise there is real hope. If you’re considering talking to someone about challenges you’re facing, you will want to entrust your story to someone worthy of your trust, someone honest, gentle, insightful, authentic, supportive, strong and non- judgmental. Our experience has been that Narelle is that someone who is worthy of that trust.

– Neil & Vanessa

You helped me so much Narelle. I was incredibly broken and you walked with me and helped me stay on track as I was bolting. You have blessed me so much and I trusted you with delicate parts of my life that I hadn’t really shared before. I cannot thank you enough.

– Karen



As a middle aged man, I had spent a lot of time with various counsellors searching for answers to my issues in the relationships within my life but always felt disappointed about the results.

When I first met Narelle I was disillusioned with my life, my relationships and my attempts to resolve the issues. In fact I was miserable.

I don’t fully remember every session that Narelle and I spent together but I do know that during our time together I found someone who I knew I could trust and therefore share my thoughts and feelings with. Narelle guided me through some very sensitive pathways until finally I was able to share my deepest hurts with her. As a result I found peace in my heart at a loss suffered decades before.

The support and understanding shown to me by Narelle has remained with me and it continues to keep things in perspective. Thank you Narelle!

– Richard

We had both individually contemplated seeking counselling, but it wasn’t until our marriage hit a crisis point that we decided to take the step to get professional help.

Narelle was highly recommended by friends who said that she had helped them tremendously.

Narelle suggested that we go through a process of both couples and individual counselling. Through this process we have been able to identify and address root personal issues that have been causing much of our troubles, and we have learnt skills and strategies to better understand, communicate and relate to each other.

After six months of counselling, we are both a lot stronger and more confident as individuals, our relationship is fun and warm, and our home is a very, very different place for the better.

We have found Narelle to be personable and genuine in her approach and extremely perceptive in her understanding of us, our situation and in navigating our way forward together.

We are very grateful to Narelle, and recommend her unreservedly to anyone who, like us, is ready find to healing and wholeness, personally or in their relationship.

– Jake & Melissa


Thank you Narelle for your beautiful, encouraging, gentle and understanding manner. You have been a blessing to me.

– Sue

At Bethesda Counselling , I found a safe place. I found a place where I was heard; a place where I got to hear myself and see my own heart and a place where I began to get free.

– Penny

Thank you so much for helping me to stand up. You reflected God to me and I started to see much more clearly through the fog.

– Kerry

I just wanted to thank you so much for all your wise Godly counselling. I am not “there” yet but slowly getting myself under God’s control, guidance and wisdom and trying my utmost to apply all you have shown and taught me to apply God’s truth to my life and to my relationships day by day. My road is a long one, but I wanted to thank you for equipping me for the journey.

– Lindsey

God has blessed me with you, Narelle, as my counselor and has spoken through you with love, wisdom, and guidance. Thank you!

– Anette

Dear Narelle, Thank you so much for being my counsellor. At first, I was afraid that you would judge me for what I have done or perhaps you would not understand what I had been experiencing. But, you proved me wrong. You have shown me God’s love. I can see His resemblance in you. I’m so grateful that you are my counsellor. I believe God made this happen. He knew that I needed you. I don’t want to say good bye. You are always in my heart and prayers.

– Sherly

Dear Narelle, I am stunned at how far I have been from God in so far as my anger, bitterness, critical spirit, resentment and unforgiveness goes (to name a few). God’s hand is firmly upon my life and I need to say a big thank you to you for leading me here. I feel blessed. God definitely puts people across our paths for a very specific purpose and I believe you are one of those people. A very sincere thank you.

– Lauren

Dear Narelle, I have so much appreciated your kindness, support and encouragement this year. You have helped me so much through this difficult time in my life. Thank you.

– Tania

I visited Narelle 3 times in 2015 after a difficult trauma in my life. It wasn’t so much what Narelle did for me, but what Christ did through Narelle when we prayed together. God blessed me greatly through her ministry.

– Camille