Family Patterns – Breaking Free from a Painful Past

Many people think that once they move out from their family home, they’ll also be moving away from dysfunctional family patterns and childhood pains. This is not always true. Many people who have ‘unfinished business’ from their family of origin often find themselves troubled by the same sorts of harmful patterns and relationship hurts long [...]

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Understanding and Handling Anger in a Healthy Way

Anger is a powerful secondary emotion usually experienced in response to a sense of harm that someone has inflicted upon us (insult, criticism, abandonment, physical attack etc). Anger can also rise up in us sometimes from our own misperceptions of reality, destructive thinking about normal life issues or memories of past traumatic events. Underlying the [...]

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Blended Families – Making It Work

Blended families are as old as time, however they are becoming more and more common in today’s society. Building a new family from two previous families due to either divorce or the death of a spouse will present many challenging variables along the way that can potentially generate feelings of isolation, resentment and emotional pain [...]

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