Reliable Counselling Services in Perth

Bethesda Counselling and Family Therapy offers reliable counselling services in Perth, Midland, Ellenbrook, Kalamunda, the Hills and surrounding areas.

Established in 2012, Bethesda – which means “house of Mercy, house of Grace” and is synonymous with “healing”,  provides counselling services that are compassionate, sensitive, respectful of dignity and diversity, and have  a strong focus on both relational and personal healing.

Narelle Williams, Bethesda’s counsellor and family therapist, understands that every client is special and unique in their life experience, issues and challenges, which is why she creatively crafts each session to best meet her clients’ individual needs.

Narelle takes an eclectic and holistic approach to her work. Not everyone responds well to talking therapies, and that is why she offers a variety of different approaches incorporating talking, art and creative therapies into her sessions. This ensures that the uniqueness of her clients is honored during their journeys towards healing and wholeness.

At Bethesda, you will also find recognition of the part that our spirituality plays in our mental and emotional health. You will be respected and encouraged to explore your spirituality in a way that is meaningful to you. Staff at Bethesda have a biblical worldview and offer in depth Christian Counselling for those who have a belief or wish to explore their understanding of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. However, please be reassured; your counsellor will not be “preachy” or impose their spiritual beliefs on you. You will always be respected in your own worldview, whatever that may be.                                                                                                                  .

Over the years, Bethesda’s counselling services in Perth have had a significant focus and impact in the areas of relationship counselling, couples counselling and marriage counselling.

Narelle has a real passion for supporting couples who are struggling with conflict, despair, affairs, problems with sex and intimacy, disillusionment and/or heartache in their marriage relationship and is often sought after for her sensitive and genuine approach to these issues.

Family therapy is a complimentary counselling service provided by Bethesda, and has proven to be helpful for many people who have been looking for someone to assist them in addressing their interpersonal challenges outside of their couple relationship. There are often conflicts and difficult to resolve issues found within family units and professional workplace relationships. Family therapy is often helpful in catalyzing healing of the space between individuals within families and blended families. It can also be useful in supporting members and utilizing the strengths within the family that is facing a crisis, trauma, illness or loss through death or suicide.

Bethesda also offers individual counselling for a wide variety of issues and specializes in post abortion counseling, grief counselling and recovery for adults from childhood sexual abuse.

For more specific information on each of Bethesda’s Counselling Services, please click on the relevant link to the right or call Narelle on 0429 000 830 to discuss your needs.